Community Update September 2018

How do you see Burpham? 

Do you think of it as a village or just part of Guildford’s urban sprawl? Is it your community or just somewhere you live? 

If you investigate the word “community” you have to start with Latin –communitatem, meaning a sense of fellowship and communis meaning common, as in things shared. Both definitions are integrated in the interpretations of community, for example: 

A community is a small or large social unit that has something in common. Communities often share a sense of place. Communities are interacting people sharing an environment.

When the BCA was formed in 1973, the term community association was used, rather than the more usual residents’ association. It emphasised precisely a sense of sharing and belonging. This year sees the 45th anniversary of the BCA -our sapphire anniversary. Will there be a golden celebration? That very much depends on you. In last month’s Burpham Pages we explained the requirement for more residents to come forward and help in various ways. The need is still there. There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting on October 15th – details below – at which we hope to be able to form a new committee to help steer Burpham through the perils of the Local Plan. If we cannot achieve the necessary numbers, then the BCA faces closure.

A link to the past 

All communities start from small beginnings; Burpham has grown from the tiny hamlet mentioned in the Domesday Book to a village of some 2,500 dwellings. Most are post-war but there are a few that remind us of our roots – the New Inn Lane surgery, Marlyn’s Cottage, Pimm’s Row, St Luke’s Church and this familiar hostelry.

The Anchor and Horseshoes is thought to have originally been built in the 17th or early 18th century and records show it has operated as a pub from 1785 onwards. (Moira MacQuaide Hall, Burpham A Gateway to Guildford, 2017).

For many of us, the pub is the heart of community life, and as the Anchor and Horseshoes is now the only one remaining in Burpham, it provides residents with the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, make new friends and enjoy a comfortable and historic environment.

If the pub were to close and the land be developed for housing, it would be a sad loss for the community. So the Anchor and Horseshoes is being nominated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). This would designate it as important to the local community and subject to additional protection from development. The BCA and the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum both support this nomination. Others wishing to add their support by giving personal reasons for valuing this pub, should contact the Secretary.

To get in touch with the BCA: Contact the secretary on phone 01483 567791 or visit the website at

Dates for your diary

17th September
A presentation on Mental Health by Rachel Brennan, the SW Surrey Senior Support Advisor for Action for Carers. Her background is in mental health and she has worked for the NHS as an occupational therapist. She works
closely with carers who look after someone with mental health problems, both support groups and one-to-one support.

15th October
Extraordinary General Meeting to decide the future of the Burpham Community Association.

19th November
A presentation on the Guildford Time Bank which is about local people helping and supporting each other by sharing skills, offering practical help or personal support, followed by seasonal drinks and nibbles.

All meetings will be in the Sutherland Memorial Hall, starting at 8pm.

“One of the marvellous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.”

Jean Vanier

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