Dear Neighbours

I like to think of this as the Christmas issue of Burpham Pages with all the expectant excitement of the season. The primary schools and nurserys are starting to be decorated with children’s festive works of art and the trees outside are now in full autumn colours.

However, there’s still so much else that is happening before we even start to think about Christmas. As I write, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation of Halloween. The shops are full of costumes and blood red makeup and party bags of sweets are lining the shelves ready for use to fend off the little monsters on your doorsteps in a few days’ time. (We’ll try and get this issue of the magazine to you as early as possible so we’re not mistaken for ‘trick or treaters’.)

We’ve then got bonfire night with all sorts of firework events going on in every village and town in the area (don’t forget to keep your pets inside in the evenings surrounding November 3rd to the 5th). I know we’re looking forward to the Guildford Lions Firework Fiesta at Stoke Park on Saturday 3rd November. It’s always a good display and certainly for me marks the arrival of winter as we all gather in our warm hats, scarves and coats to watch the display.

This year, of course, we also mark the centenary of the end of the First World War and remember those who gave their lives to defend their country, home, family and way of life. The memorial in Burpham will wear its annual layer of poppies and wreaths as the community remember the men of this parish that fought and died, not only in the First World War, but in all armed conflict around the world. Burpham Church has an exhibition and series of events entitled ‘The Forgiveness Project’ which discusses the theme of forgiveness from the point of view of those who have experienced harm or injustice during wartime.

We then start to enter the truly festive time of the season. The shops will no doubt have been full of Christmas cheer since the beginning of November but it is as we approach December that you really start to get that ‘Christmassy’ feeling. Work parties will be in full swing, present shopping will feature highly on your ‘to do’ list and stocking up food for the big day will become frantic (there’s plenty of places to buy some fantastic Christmas fayre advertising in the magazine this issue, whether you’re looking for a fresh turkey, a Christmas tree or handmade decorations you’ll find a farm shop or a craft fair in here to suit your needs).

And then… it’s Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful season, that you manage to have plenty of treats (and no tricks), that you enjoy the fireworks and stay safe and that you celebrate Christmas and the New Year with happiness and joy (and if there’s someone nearby on their own over the period please do knock on the door and say “hello”, perhaps with a glass of wine or a little present).

Have fun. I’ll speak to you all again in 2019.

Paul Nicholls (Editor)

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