New group aims to bring fresh approach and transform local council

Hopefully you have heard of our new party, Residents For Guildford and Villages (R4GV), which has been created by local people who want Guildford Borough Council to do far more to listen to, and act on, residents’
wishes and the needs of their local communities.

Members feel that the current Council is overly influenced by what councillors’ national political parties impose, and not enough by what the people who live in the Borough actually want and need.

Following their launch, Joss Bigmore, co-founder of R4GV, said: “We were amazed at the amount of interest, willingness to get involved and the generosity of donations to turn the vision into reality’’

“People want to see a fresh approach with Guildford Council returning to being run by residents for residents with national politics taken out of local decision-making.”

After just 2 months we are fielding seventeen candidates in eleven wards across the Borough in the coming local elections on May 2nd. Said Joss Bigmore: “Many councils around Guildford have strong resident representation and we know it can be done here for the residents of Guildford and its villages.

“We have been hugely encouraged by the response from residents when we have been out canvassing. We sense a real mood for change. He said that the key values common to all the candidates include:

  • Value for money and transparency – ensuring residents’ money is spent wisely
  • Greater focus on community services – providing better care for the vulnerable
  • More sustainable and affordable housing
  • Better planning – prioritising brownfield and urban sites over green countryside
  • Healthier environment – reducing pollution & accidents through better town planning
  • Improved infrastructure – creating an integrated strategy that balances the needs of housing, traffic, retail, commerce and environment
  • A vibrant town centre – having greater pedestrianisation and opening up riverside with walkways, cafes and restaurants
  • Opposition to unnecessary massive housing developments – creating sustainable housing where it is needed.

R4GV acts as an umbrella organisation for independent resident candidates, supporting them with common materials such as leaflets, posters, a manifesto and online, Facebook page: @ResidentsForGuildfordAndVillages and Twitter feed: @VoteR4GV.

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