“How can we do our bit?”

In recent issues of Burpham Pages Ali Fisher has been talking about the environment, sustainability and recycling and how we can take responsibility for our actions and try and slow and perhaps reverse the damage that we are doing to our planet. It seems her words have not been in vane and that we are actually starting to think seriously about these issues. Julie Orgill from Jennifer Margarve Solicitors takes the torch and discusses how, in their office, they are ‘doing their bit’ too.

Talking to Burpham Pages Julie said “Over the summer there has been a massive surge against plastic which has been a wonderful thing to witness.

I was captured by a heart-warming story of two sisters aged 9 and 7 who have taken on the fast food giants, Burger King and McDonald’s, over the plastic toys given away with each kid’s meals. It has been estimated that McDonald’s alone sells over 250 meals, worldwide, per second.

The last article I read the girls had over 400,000 signatures on their petition when they only expected a couple of hundred. They have appeared on national television and are spear-heading this campaign with their aim to try and meet these ‘giants’ of fast food to express their concerns.

When asked whether they still buy these meals they said they did but they handed the toys back to staff. We need to all learn from these amazing girls and the stance children are taking now to protect their planet which, after all, is their future.”

Since Julie made these observations both of the fast food chains have made positive steps to limit the amount of plastic toys sold by either offering an alternative to the toy such as a bag of fruit or a small book, or by removing the toys altogether. Burger King are even installing special collection bins in all of their UK restaurants where people can drop off old and unwanted plastic meal toys which will then be recycled for new uses in store.

Julie continues to discuss how much the efforts of the two schoolgirls have influenced her office’s concerns for the environment “This action only enhances our need to try and do more ourselves. In the office we do our best to reuse and recycle as much as possible; taking as much as we can to the recycling banks, sending toners back for recycling and reusing old files for new matters. We are not shy of loading up the car for a trip to the charity shop or even freecycling old office furniture. It may take a little more effort but isn’t it worth it for our children’s sake?”

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