A new kind of New Year’s promise

What really matters most in your life? When you get to the end of your life what will be most valuable to you? Or you perhaps think of it the other way around, if you lost something, what would have the biggest impact on your long-term wellbeing and happiness?

This is a question we need to know the answer to, and then ensure our life is actually directed to what we think is most important. It makes sense to invest our time, energy and direction in life towards what is most significant to us in life. For example, if what is most valuable is my family, then why am I investing all my time at work, rather than building relationships with my family. Or, if my friends are the most important to me, why am I worrying about and spending so much time and money on what I look like and what I wear!

Once we are aware of our life’s values and direction, the next question is: are we investing our lives towards that end.

I was listening to a BBC podcast recently and it was commenting on how daily news informs us of only what they think we should know about that day. Although the commentator was an atheist, he could see benefits of the church when dealing with issues such as community, values, forgiveness and asking the big questions of life. He was suggesting having rejected church we no longer have an effective place to form or reflect on our life’s values? Where do we get our values from? Daily news, our parents, the TV or somewhere else? Are we even aware of where our values come from, or even what they are? First of all we must be clear what our values are and where they have come from. We will need genuine openness and true humility here!

Once we are aware of our life’s values and direction, the next question is: are we investing our lives towards that end. Of course, there are everyday needs we have to fulfil to survive in our world. I love running marathons (I understand that is not most people’s joy!), however, you can see how foolish I would be to spend most of my time training in the swimming pool or even doing nothing, rather than running on the local trails!

We need to STOP and reflect on what we want our lives to be about and see if our life is really going in that direction.

My greatest value is God, and so I try and invest most of my energy in talking to Him, serving Him and spending time with Him. However, left to my own devices I tend to do the same things, so each year I need to stop and spend time reflecting on and reviewing my life. How will I spend my energy in 2020? What about you?

Happy New Year!

Rev James Levasier


Church office: 01483 825533

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