The ‘Local Plan’

Has adequate traffic infrastructure been planned for Burpham to support the 1,800 house development?

Written by Sue Hackman on behalf of the ‘Orchard Road Area Road Group’

Guildford Borough Council is back on the case of the ‘Local Plan’, including the development of at least 1,800 houses at Gosden Hill. This estate will
see the conversion of London Road into a two-way link road which will reach into the fields to our east, now owned by developer Martin Grant Homes.

…ask yourself where estate traffic will go to get into town, to visit supermarkets and to access the A3. Answer: past our doors in Burpham.

Are Clandon residents worried? Not much. It has been agreed that no roads will travel northwards to disturb their peace. You might well ask yourself where estate traffic will go to get into town, to visit supermarkets and to access the A3. Answer: past our doors in Burpham.

The current plan is for a limited inter-change to take traffic on and off the A3 on the south side of the A3 only, so left in and left out. Traffic travelling northwards from the estate will loop southwards past us to join the A3 at Burpham.

That’s a lot of new traffic on London Road, nominated as a ‘sustainable movement corridor’ by GBC. Sustainable movement? Have they ever been in the jam outside Aldi?

And it’s not just the traffic jams that we’re worrying about. Cars cause air pollution. Particulates released by tyres under braking infect the roadside air with tiny cancer-causing fragments and CO2 emissions. We need the broad-leaved hedges advocated by inter-national expert Prof P. Kumar when he came to Burpham. These hedges can absorb some of the threatening particles.

Many of us will think it reasonable to build new homes. Too many young people have to leave Guildford to seek homes they can afford. But homes without adequate infrastructure? No. Without protection from noise, air and traffic overload? No. Without the support of Burpham residents? Definitely not.

What can you do?

  • Guildford Borough Council has produced a Draft Strategic Development Framework (SDF) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and consultation on the document was undertaken in January & February 2020.
  • Look at the details at and use the online comments form to make your views count. The section outlining proposals for Gosden Hill is pp96-119.
  • Join the local residents’ association (Burpham Community Association) at as the main residents’ association for the area.
  • If you live near Orchard Road and the roundabouts, and will be closely affected by the traffic, join our road group at to be kept in the loop.

More in the next issue of Burpham Pages…


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