Coronavirus Support

Burpham Church with Burpham Community Association (BCA) are setting up a support network to assist those who will find themselves isolated and in difficulties during the coronavirus epidemic.

To offer help and support:

If you would like to be part of the team committed to making daily phone calls and/or providing practical support with shopping and urgent needs, or if you are able to be on ‘stand-by’ could you contact:

Grace Luke (Pastoral Care team leader) on:
or phone the Care Team phone number: 07880 586455

Should you need support yourself:

If you suspect you may be one of those people who need some additional support, PLEASE also contact the support team now. We are completely committed to caring for all our community and we would be very distraught to find that someone was missed and did not say. This could include anyone elderly or with health needs (those more vulnerable to this virus), or any age living alone and self-isolating, families self-isolating, people who are worried or alone because their usually social networks have stopped or family lives elsewhere.

Please make yourself known to the team if you have any concerns or would like any support. See contact details above.



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