Community Update May 2020

Coronavirus – where are we now?

This is being written in early April and we have no way of knowing what has happened between then, and when you read this. All we can tell you is what we have done so far.

Our Membership Secretary, Liz Turner, and members of Burpham Church have worked incredibly hard to set up a support group to ensure that anyone living in Burpham who needs help will get it.

Many willing volunteers delivered postcards to every house and flat giving details of how to ask for assistance and the support group is already getting shopping done and prescriptions collected for some forty residents. Anyone living alone has been offered the opportunity for telephone chats and cards sent for birthdays or just to spread some cheer.

How do I ask for help?

You can phone on 07880 586455 or email, or contact the secretary (details on opposite page).

Don’t suffer in silence or try and muddle through; if you need help, ask for it and we will do our best to assist.

Is there anything I can do to help?

If you think you can help in any way, please contact the support group, details above.

The BCA would like to offer a huge thank you to all those who have helped so far.

Please look out for your neighbours and people you know are vulnerable.

Spring flowers are doing their best to cheer us up in these trying times and Burpham gardens are looking wonderful. Can you identify the wisteria-covered cottage on the left? Sadly, it has had to be cut back a bit since the photo was taken, as the house was in danger of disappearing but you must have seen and admired it… where? No prizes if you know, just a warm glow.

We’d like to give our website a spring into summer look so how about sending us photos of your garden that we can display.

Traffic problems in Burpham

You may have read an article in the March/April edition of the Burpham Pages by Sue Hackman on behalf of the Orchard Road Area Road Group. This outlined some of the traffic problems that the Gosden Hill development will dump on Burpham.

This is something that the BCA has been highlighting ever since the Local Plan first came out for consultation in 2016 when we wrote that:

Without sensible infra-structure changes, particularly in relation to Guildford’s unresolved traffic problems… Burpham will degenerate into a giant roundabout… how can this be considered sound and sustainable?”

This is why we initiated the Burpham Road Action Group two years ago but we cannot achieve much unless people are prepared to come forward.
We cannot do a lot at the moment but perhaps you could think about joining us. If you are not familiar with the proposals, do go to the GBC website and look at the Draft Strategic Development Framework (SDF) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). You will then understand why our response used words and phrases like specious, wishful thinking, design that ignores reality, nonsense and preposterous.

And finally…

Someone suggested that poetry is a help in troubled times. Ever ready for a challenge, two committee members volunteered a haiku summing up the lockdown. Haiku is a verse style of 17 syllables arranged in three lines – five, seven, five.

Life is diminished
There are no chocolate eggs
I am desolate.

While walking the downs
At Old Scotland Farm I found
A lovely real beer!

We feel sure you can do much better so how about sending us a lockdown haiku, limerick or even a sonnet – something to raise a smile in difficult times.

To get in touch with the BCA: Contact the secretary on phone 01483 567791 or visit the website at

Help by joining the Burpham Community Association today!

Subscriptions are £8 per household or £4 per single occupancy and run from January to December. Join now or renew your membership for 2020.

You can pay by:

Direct Debit – visit our website at which has a link to this system – an email to giving your details would be helpful.

Account name: Burpham Community Association
Sort Code: 40-22-26
Account Number: 41049194
To help the Treasurer please identify yourself using initials, surname and the first line of your address.

Please contact Liz Turner, our Membership Secretary, if you have any queries. Her email address is

For up to date information about the BCA, please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages – just search for Burpham Community Association.

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