A Hope Space in Burpham

If your questions or thoughts are of a more personal nature and you are wondering how to process the last eighteen months, share your own story and move on with hope, perhaps you might like to engage with our local Autumn project: A Hope Space in Burpham.

Burpham Church will be providing a Hope Space, coming to a location near you during the Autumn with the opportunity to tell your story, process your loss and look forward with hope. There will be a Wall of Loss for you to contribute to, as we stand with one another and corporately recognise all that has been lost over the last eighteen months, and a Tree of Hope where we can expectantly look forward to the future. Full details of times and locations will be circulated throughout Burpham – so look out for a leaflet through your door to see when you can engage. It is our desire that this Hope Space might be for all of us, whether of faith, little faith or no faith at all – together we make up this local community and together we need to move forward into the unknown of what lies ahead.

Church Office: 01483 825533