Burpham Gardening News – July & August 2024

July & August 2024

John Boon gives us the low down on what needs to be done in the garden in July & August.

Things to do in the garden in July.

  • Remove the main stem of Cordon Tomatoes just above the fourth truss, any fruit that forms above this truss is unlikely to ripen before winter sets in.
  • Spray Potatoes and Tomatoes when it is wet and muggy to reduce the risk of blight damage.
  • A regular feed of Tomorite will help Tomatoes and Dahlias to produce good fruit and flowers, start feeding Tomatoes as soon as the first fruit starts to set, do not water at irregular times as this will encourage blossom end rot in the fruit.
  • Continue to make successional sowings of Salad Crops.
  • Regularly pick Courgettes unless you wish the fruit to become Marrows.
  • French and Runner Beans will become tough and stringy unless they are picked frequently.
  • Spring Cabbage, Turnip and a final batch of French and Runner Beans should now be sown outdoors. Leeks and Winter Brassicas should be planted out this month.
  • Give Summer Bedding Plants and containerised plants a regular Liquid feed.
  • Dead head Bedding Plants to maintain a colourful display and Perennials to obtain a second flush of bloom.
  • Once containerised Camellias and Rhododendrons have finished flowering keep them well watered to enable good flowering next year.

Things to do in the garden in August.

  • Now that all the hard work has been done it is time to sit back and to enjoy your garden. which should now be at the peak of perfection.

Set the mower blades on high when cutting the grass during dry periods.

  • Continue to harvest fast growing Vegetables and Salad crops as they mature.
  • Keep Runner Beans well watered which will help the flowers to set.
  • Increase the feeding of Tomatoes.
  • Lift Maincrop Potatoes.
  • Rambling Roses which only flower once a year should be pruned after flowering, cutting out one in three stems from the base to encourage new growth.
  • Summer prune Wisteria, removing all new shoots to five buds above the main stem.
  • Now is the time to take cuttings of Buddleia, Hydrangea and Pyracantha.
  • Cut back Perennials which have collapsed onto the lawn, path or other plants.
  • Now is the time to set Earwig traps amongst your Dahlias, fill a 3” pot with hay or straw and place it upside down on the end of the cane supporting the plant, the Earwigs will climb into the pot during the night and will be waiting for you to shake them out into a dish in the morning for disposal.
  • This month you can start collecting seed from Annuals ready for sowing next Spring, do not collect the seed of F1 hybrids as they will not produce flowers true to type next year.
  • Set the mower blades on high when cutting the grass during dry periods.