Body blessing and positive postures sessions with Eden People

November 1, 2020| News + Events, Past Issues

Eden People are a local community wellbeing & spirituality group based in the Stoughton area of Guildford. They have over 20 year’s experience of facilitating and running wellbeing spaces and activities within the Guildford area.

Eden People look to support people’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health through a range of activities accessible to people of all ages, gender or ethnicity; with any, no or some belief or faith basis – everyone is welcome.

Currently they are running their Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions at the Q E Park Community Centre. These sessions are designed to bring rest and peace to the body, mind & spirit, encouraging participants to build self-worth and awareness of their uniqueness and identity.

Each session lasts for one hour with early and late evening times to participate. Booking a space is essential for group size and ongoing covid regulations. No special clothing or equipment is required; see this as positive investment to your general health and wellbeing. One to one sessions can be arranged if required.

Other activities on offer from the group include:
LifeWalks walking group, Art & Creative workshops, Dream Interpretation, Insight & Destiny, Blessing & Healing. All of these activities are offered for free or with a donation from participants.

To find out more about Eden People, to join their mailing list or current activities contact them via email at or visit or message 07866 247919