Burpham Gardening Club News – November & December 2022

Written by John Boon (Burpham Gardening Club)

November & December 2022

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to enter the Autumn Show, congratulations to the Trophy winners Morriss Kemp (Ron Sporle Shield, Four Tomatoes, Ted Crump Rosebowl, a Single Rose, Howard Plate, Three Roses, Newman Trophy, a Single Dahlia).

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to seeing you at our shows in 2023.

Things to do in the garden in November.

  • The Planting of Tulips should be completed by the end of this month.
  • Cut down faded perennials leaving Penstemon and other late flowering perennials to continue flowering.
  • Dahlias and Cannas can still be lifted and stored in a dry place if you do not want to risk frost damage by overwintering them in the ground. They should be lifted, dried and stored in a frost free place ready for planting next Spring, if they are being overwintered in the ground they should be covered with a mulch dressing.
  • Apply an application of a mulch dressing to protect Agapanthus from the frost.
  • Half hardy Fuchsias and Pelargoniums should be cut back and brought undercover, reduce watering so that they remain dormant during the winter months.
  • The watering of Houseplants should be reduced as the nights draw in.
  • Amaryllis bulbs should be potted up for Christmas flowering.
  • Bring potted Hyacinths into a light cool area once they begin to shoot.
  • Reduce the watering of Houseplants.

Continue to rake fallen leaves off of the lawn.

  • Now is a good time to plant Raspberry Canes, Fruit Trees and Bushes.
  • Start the winter pruning of Apple and Pear trees.
  • Aquadulce Broad Beans should be planted now to produce an early crop ahead of the Spring invasion of Blackfly.
  • Garlic cloves and overwintering Onion Sets can still be planted.
  • Continue to rake fallen leaves off of the lawn.

Things to do in the garden in December.

  • Indoor Azaleas should be watered frequently to prevent the dense root ball from drying out, rainwater is better than tap water.
  • Poinsettias are a popular gift at this time of the year, they should be kept in a warm light place away from draughts, they do not like to be overwatered. All other Houseplants should be kept in a bright place as winter light levels fall on frosty nights do not leave them trapped between closed curtains and the window.
  • Pinch out the tips of Sweet Peas sown in October to encourage bushy growth.
  • The vegetable plot should be cleared of all left over plant debris and lightly dug over to open up the ground so that the winter frost can get in and destroy bugs and diseases.
  • Rhubarb crowns can be forced by covering them with dark bucket.
  • Grape vines, Acers and Birches should be pruned before Christmas to prevent bleeding, most deciduous trees can now be cut back, leave Prunus species until they are in leaf next Spring, Magnolias should be left until the Summer.
  • Keep off of the Lawn when it is frosty or very wet.