Burpham’s Boundaries

March 9, 2022| News + Events, Past Issues

Throughout its history, Burpham has changed its size and shape many times, and the boundary commission is proposing to change the borders again in June, in time for the next round of borough elections.

The final proposals – still to be signed off – will, if agreed, expand our boundaries to include the roads of Ganghill, Abbotswood, Westward Ho and Boxgrove Avenue.

The new roads are currently split among neighbouring wards, but it does make some sense to relocate them into Burpham because they share the same journeys, schools, shops and amenities as we do. It also brings the size of Burpham into line with national expectations at around 2500 residents per councillor. We will retain two councillors, therefore.

The residents of the ‘new’ roads enjoy a distinctive neighbourhood. Many of their houses are protected from inappropriate development by being in a conservation area since 2011. Abbotswood in particular is home to many fine large arts-and-crafts houses built by the eminent architect Alfred Claude Burlingham. Several of us who live in Orchard Road or on the Sainsburys roundabout inhabit cottage versions of the Abbotswood houses. These were the ‘affordable housing’ of their day and have the same wooden beams, nooks and crannies, and wide rectangular leaded windows.

Burpham is facing fewer changes than some other wards. The plan is to merge Christchurch and Holy Trinity wards, and also Shalford and Pilgrims on the other side of town. Stoughton however will split in two, and Friary will be separated from St Nicolas.

Will the additional roads change the political balance of power in Burpham? Maybe. Although the new roads were resisted by the small number of people who responded to the commission’s draft proposals, Lib Dem councillor George Potter has accepted that they make sense.

Sue Hackman

We will aim to update you in the July & August 2022 issue of Burpham Pages, assuming that we have the outcome of the consultations.

Fortunately Burpham Pages is already delivered to all these roads as we did our own assessment of what was considered Burpham (in our opinion)!