Community Update – July & August 2023

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Why were all those tankers around Lawrence Close?

This question was being asked on Nextdoor a month or so back, so here is the answer.

On 2nd August 2022 a leak on the A3 was reported to Thames Water. Nothing was done until 3rd March 2023 when the BCA Flood Forum reported it to the authorities. Immediate action was taken and on inspection it was estimated that the leak had been present for at least three years. Engineers believe the power cut in late January that affected many of you was as a direct result of this leak, which was in excess of 75,000 gallons.

A report was since been written and recommendations have been put to the Environment Agency to ensure it never happens on any rising main in the country. If you would like a copy of the report please contact the Secretary. Our thanks to McAllister for their professionalism in what turned out to be a varied and complicated job.

The tankers should not be needed in Lawrence Close until the new sewer pipe for Gosden Hill Estate is installed, however you may see them late at night as they try and cope with the lack of capacity at Moorfields Sewage Works.

Annual General Meeting

This was held on May 25th. Copies of the Annual Report and the Treasurer’s Report are available on the BCA website. If you do not have a computer and would like a paper copy, please give us a ring.

The following officers were unanimously elected:

Chair: Andy Clapham
Treasurer: Sue Poole Membership
Secretary: Liz Turner
Technical Co-ordinator: Jim Allen
Minutes Secretary: Catherine Hughes

There were no new names put forward for committee members. The positions of Secretary and Marketing remain vacant and Andy has said that, after five years in office, this coming year will be his last as Chair.

The BCA faces many challenges. We are currently heavily involved in several issues, including: the London Road Active Travel Scheme, restoring Sutherland Memorial Hall to full community use, and the development proposed for Gosden Hill Farm (see separate article). These, and no doubt many other potential problems, will need to be monitored and appropriate action taken to protect the community for months and years ahead. Currently, this is being done by a handful of people and it’s hard work.

Can you help? Perhaps you have a particular skill to offer – maybe you’re a computer whizz who could help look after the website or you have an interest in environmental concerns. Please get in touch if you can spare a little of your time.

Contact details; To get in touch with the BCA, contact the committee on phone 07513 366072 or visit the website at

Gosden Hill

This proposed development comprises some 1,700 dwellings, some commercial buildings (light industry, retail) and community facilities (schools, surgery, recreation).

Although it is expected to be several years before any building begins, it is clear that the developers are hoping to proceed with the development. The photo is just one suggested possible layout but it gives some idea of the extent of the development.

The BCA has several concerns about this proposal: they include the provision of power, water supply and sewage capacity; the safe and effective access for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians and the impact of increased traffic on Burpham and surrounding areas.

Martin Grant Homes, the developer and owner of the site has submitted a planning application requesting opinions on the scoping of its Environmental Impact Assessment. The BCA and the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum will be studying this in detail and making comments where necessary.

The developer has requested a meeting with the BCA, stating: “Over the summer, we will be holding briefings, workshops and consultation events on the proposal and we look forward to meeting elected members, community groups, local residents and businesses.”

As this progresses, the BCA may well need to ask for additional volunteers and additional funding to help ensure that any development includes the necessary infrastructure and limits the adverse impact on Burpham.

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