Community Update – November & December 2022

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Hedgehogs Rule!

Back in 2020, Sainsburys lodged an application to extend their store which threatened a Local Green Space and its resident hedgehogs, now officially classed as vulnerable mammals. Many local people objected, as did one very well known non-resident, Brian May, co-founder of a hedgehog charity, Amazing Grace. The hedgehogs won the day! We asked Elizabeth Lee to tell us about these enchanting animals.

I am a volunteer for several wildlife charities. I am especially passionate about hedgehogs and trying to help the declining population in Burpham and Merrow. Through my Facebook page ‘Hedgehogs of Burpham and Merrow’, I try to offer advice and assistance to anyone that has hedgehogs in their garden or if they find a hedgehog in need of any help. It is lovely to be able to share local hedgehog stories and to try and make a difference in our community. I would love to hear of any new sightings, as I am aware of hedgehogs on Weybrook Park, especially the Devoil Close area, Gosden Hill, Bushy Hill and Merrow Park. A few remain around the London Road area and in Jacobs Well, but sadly the population mostly seems to have disappeared on Weylea Farm.

To encourage our prickly friends into your garden, there are lots of things that you can do. Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant and must never be given milk. Plenty of fresh water and meaty cat food in jelly or kitten biscuits, can be a life saver, and will mean that your prickly friend will keep on visiting you.

The key piece of information that I give to people is that hedgehogs are nocturnal, and if out in the day they are likely to be sick or injured. Unfortunately a lot of people do not realise this, so it is always best to call your local wildlife rescue, The Wildlife Aid Foundation in Leatherhead on 01372 360404 for advice. Never try to care for a sick hedgehog yourself as they are extremely complex little creatures.

Other important suggestions would be to make your garden as hedgehog friendly as possible, for example creating hedgehog highways for free roaming between gardens, checking areas before using any garden machinery or before lighting bonfires, creating ramps in ponds, eliminating the use of chemicals and keeping netting off the ground. Making your neighbours aware of the presence of hedgehogs is also very important and indeed also the parks team at the council if they cut back areas locally where they could be nesting. Hedgehogs can have two litters of babies per year, typically of up to six hoglets.

Not all hedgehogs hibernate now, due to climate change, and autumn juveniles need to be of a certain weight to survive the winter. From October, any hoglet under 200 grams needs to go to rescue. Any between 200-400 grams please call your local rescue for advice or feel free to message me through my Facebook page. Any over 400 grams looking healthy, out at night, please help with supplemental feeding. At any weight, if out in the daylight, circling, wobbling, sunbathing, injured or with fly strike (looks like grains of rice) please seek help straight away.

Hedgehogs have faced a huge decline in population over the last sixty years, but together we can work to increase their numbers and make our gardens a safe haven for them. I look forward to seeing any new members on the Facebook page and anyone is welcome to join even if further afield.

Riverside Nature Reserve

When cattle are in the Nature Reserve, the gates have to be closed but there have been problems with access for people using mobility scooters. The first gate installed, on the left of the photo, could not be opened by people on their own thus removing their independence. The new double gates, shown on the right, are intended to overcome this problem. We hope they do… If you use the gates, please let us know how you get on.

Other News

After lengthy correspondence with GBC, we hope that the 2nd defibrillator the BCA bought will soon be installed at Sutherland Memorial Park.

We hope to have a Christmas Social some time in December – drinks, nibbles, a seasonal quiz and a tombola or raffle. At the time of writing (early October) the date isn’t settled so keep an eye out for bulletins or notifications on Nextdoor.

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