Headway Surrey – supporting people with brain injury

November 1, 2020| News + Events, Past Issues

Headway Surrey is a charity based in Stoughton, Guildford, which supports adults over the age of 18 who have suddenly had an acquired brain injury from such things as a stroke, Covid-19, aneurysm, tumour, encephalitis, hypoxia and also from road traffic incidents, sports injuries, concussion, falls, trips, work injuries, assault to name but a few. The charity has been running since 1985 and supports adults from all over Surrey. Headway Surrey works with clients to improve their executive skills and cognitive function, which we all take for granted. These include strategies and skills to help with memory, decision making, planning, information processing, behaviour and wellbeing.

The charity quickly adapted to the Covid-19 outbreak to ensure its clients continued to be supported, and currently offers all its services online. They welcome new people to make enquiries for support and help. For instance, family, friends and work colleagues may have questions about the best way to support someone with a brain injury. Or they may want to find out about the individual or group Zoom Brain Injury Education Sessions, Art Sessions, Carers Support Group, Coffee Morning, Pictionary or Quiz Sessions. Headway Surrey also welcomes enquiries from people who might like to volunteer to help run online sessions, or give interesting talks online to clients, or who also may like to fundraise for them.

Headway Surrey, Headway House, 21 North Road, Stoughton, GU2 9PU Registered charity 1046863

Call 01483 454433

Visit www.headwaysurrey.org

Email enquiries@headwaysurrey.org