Matrix is a youth charity with a mission…

March 12, 2024| News + Events, Past Issues

…to support and uplift young people across Guildford Borough.

Established for nearly 25 years, Matrix helps young people catalyse change by nurturing, inspiring, connecting and empowering them.

What can this support look like? Matrix provides projects and opportunities for vulnerable and at-risk youth both in schools through 1-2-1 sessions and in the community through hubs, workshops, work experience, traineeships and their Youth Café at The Hideaway.Through these projects they aim to create safe spaces for young people where they can connect, learn and grow as individuals.

Over the last year Matrix worked with almost 2000 young people in both schools and across the community – supporting them with their mental health and wellbeing through 15 different projects. A Year 10 student expressed about their 1-2-1 sessions: “They do help, it is good to talk about things. I don’t normally get the chance to do that because I’m not really comfortable doing it.” By providing a safe and supportive environment, Matrix helps young people develop the confidence to speak up and seek help when they need it. This, in turn, can lead to improved mental health and overall wellbeing.

Could you help support the young people of Guildford?

Matrix needs volunteers to support their growing projects. As well as an extra pair of hands, volunteers additionally bring different experiences all from different walks of life and different age groups.

There’s a few simple ways to support Matrix with their mission:

  • Transition Coaches
  • Kitchen Volunteers
  • General Youth Work

If you would like to volunteer with Matrix, please get in touch with Josh at