What are you waiting for?

Jane Agg, Churchwarden

I wonder what you are waiting for. Maybe a joyful event such as birth of a baby, or maybe something you are worried about such as the results of some tests. How long you have been waiting? Days, weeks, months or perhaps years?

In the Bible there is a story about two elderly people Simeon and Anna who had waited for many years, many decades, for the arrival of the messiah. When Mary and Jesus brought Jesus to the temple aged eight days their long wait was finally over. This tiny baby, Jesus, was the person they had been waiting for, for all that time. This Christmas at Burpham Church we will be thinking about the people who were waiting for Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, and wise men and more.

Here at Burpham Church we are waiting for the arrival of our new vicar. Times of waiting may be frustrating and anxious, but sometimes they can be helpful times of preparation. As part of writing the information for our recruitment pack we must write a Parish Profile. This is information for candidates that sets out what our church, and what the community of Burpham are like. We have started by doing a survey of people who attend church, it’s confirmed that Burpham Church is very much the church for Burpham. 58% of people live in Burpham, 40% of people live in a neighbouring parish and 2% travel over the three miles. (The person has been seconded to us while we are without a vicar!)

We asked people why they come to Burpham Church rather than attend one of the many other churches in Guildford and the overwhelming response was because it’s local, part of the Burpham community.

There are plenty of opportunities for the Burpham community to gather at one of our two churches in November and December. Services are for everyone.

  • Remembrance: Sunday 12th November 10.45am There will be a short Remembrance Service with the two minutes silence at the war memorial in St Luke’s Churchyard.

Advent and Christmas

From Friday 1st December our online advent calendar will go live. You will be able to find the calendar on our website here www.burphamchurch.org.uk

  • Christingle: Sunday 3rd December 4pm Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Carols by Candlelight: Sunday 10th December 4pm St Luke’s Church
  • Community Carols: Sunday 17th December 4pm Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Nativity Service: Christmas Eve 4pm Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Christmas Day Celebration: 10am Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Christmas Day Communion: 10.45 Church of the Holy Spirit

We hope that you will join us for one or more of these opportunities to sing Christmas carols together and reflect on what you are waiting for.

Church Office: 01483 825533